I Got My ARMY Membership Kit Over A Year Late!!

Y’all… look at this nonsense!!

I got the Army official fanclub membership OVER A YEAR AGO. And i just got the package in the mail an entire year late… just wow…

So I got the membership in order to get a chance for the early concert ticketing and the membership comes with merch apparently~ I don’t usually pay attention to merch items so I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to receive.

Long story short I never got my membership card or merch box. I got nothing in the mail. They didn’t even so much as email me that my package got lost or anything.

Then COVID happened.

I pretty much forgot about this package until summer 2020, once I realized I was totally confused! Where’s my merch??

I emailed Weverse and they actually told me to go email someone else!! WTF ?! They gave me this huge runaround that they couldn’t track my package…

So I kind of gave up. It was like $40? I would lose over this. Wasn’t that big a deal.

….. until yesterday… I got this delivered to my front door. LOL.

More WTF moments.. much confusion,

so unfortunately BigHit says we are not allowed to share the inside contents of this merch box so I shall not! But it’s a little notebook, a poster, masking tape, and my membership card.

Other people got a pen which I DID NOT GET. Most likely because mine was backordered and they ran out of pens…rip…

Oh well. Such a random silly story right? I’m not that mad about it. If this was 10 years ago and I was in high school and this was a Super Junior package I would’ve flipped shit haha.

In any case – Weverse. You absolutely suck at speedy delivery and communication.

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