Urban decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

Hi bunnies! This is the Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin – Champagne Shimmer! Really really big sample size! Pretty sure I got this with the Urban Decay eyeshadow palette I bought awhile back~ So let’s get into the review!

This product claims to give a “vibrant, crease free color” for 24 hours. I’mma fact-check this for real because I have one of those faces where makeup DOES NOT STICK for long. So let’s see if eyeshadow stays on my lids!!

So right when I opened the package I noticed they give so much primer! Yay! but the lid isn’t resealable so I had to put it in a little container. The primer lasted me about 10 uses?

This primer is the champagne so it is really shimmery and vibrant which I personally don’t like for a primer.. its not supposed to be an eyeshadow.. I like muted primers that don’t attract attention.. cause when you apply it you have to be really careful or your eyehole will just be BAM GLIMMER. meh.


So I applied the primer onto my eyes it felt kind of creamy. A little goes a long way and I ended up putting on too much to the point where my eyeshadow would have been drowned in this primer. So I took a cotton swab and tried to wipe some primer off and it was difficult.. sigh I struggled through this.

Thankfully once I was done wiping off the primer, my normal eyeshadow applied fine and normal!

Now for the big question – DOES IT LAST 24 HOURS vibrantly and crease free?!


No. In my experience it did keep my eyeshadow on there but it definitely wasn’t “vibrant”. The normal wear and tear of the day wiped off a lot of my eyeshadow. Disclaimer – I did not keep this on my eyes “24” like the product claims. I needed to shower and go to bed lol.

Overall this is a nice primer for those who like colored primers and they do their job for most of the day. Also here is a little tip! Try using a brush to apply the primer for easier application.

Also note this was a sample size so I can’t speak to any long term claims!

This primer potion is sold at Ulta, Sephora, Urban Decay and Nordstroms for $13! Even though I only had the sample size I feel like I know it enough to know I don’t want the full size. I’ll stick to my 3CE eyeshadow primer!~

Thanks for reading my review!! Lemme know your favorite primer in the comments below and I’ll give it a try!


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