Trial Wedding Makeup! (DISASTER EXPERIENCE)

HONESTLY i was so disappointed… I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of local makeup artists – here is my journey !

Quickly for those who don’t know, a makeup trial is when a makeup artist does your makeup like they would potentially do on your wedding day. It’s a test for them to do your makeup to see if you want to hire them for your wedding day.

I live in the suburbs on the east coast. I don’t live anywhere a place like Manhattan or Boston.. I also wanted a very specific makeup look – Kbeauty. I am Asian, I have soft features; American large lashes and intense contouring does not fit my face.

Therefore I mostly looked for makeup artists who had pictures of them doing an Asian person’s makeup that fit what I was looking for *Please note this is for my wedding, my face and therefore I chose what i think fits my face best.*

There was one lady who had the most fancy website and most reviews, let’s call her Tammy. I reached out to her and her makeup trial was a WHOPPING $300.. I can only imagine how much more the actually wedding day cost would be. She was an absolute no. I’m not going to spend that much for a freaking trial.

I spoke to one other makeup artist who was a state away but only an hour drive. She had the EXACT look I was looking for, all her pictures of her brides looked gorgeous, had the nice foundation base, elegant eyes and bridal look~ So I reached out to her on instagram and she was less than $100! So I booked her appointment. And after that it all went downhill.. She started to sound very hesitant because of my location. She didn’t seem to want to travel an hour out of her way to come to me. So I offered to drive to her place to get my trial done. Initially she said okay.

THEN she asked where my wedding venue was and didn’t like that location either. She did not want to drive to my venue to do my makeup. She said I would have to drive to her on the morning of my wedding then drive an hour back to my venue! Even here I said fine whatever, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

She then wanted to change the trial date because she thought my wedding date was too far away! I was confused to why that mattered…but whatever. I said ‘okay then, when do you want to do it then?’ and she said she’s not sure because her office isn’t available yet. She then said she only does makeup for people she knew… so her friends and family? So she’s not a professional makeup artist then.. but her profile definitely said she was!! So at this point I’m completely frustrated, she’s misleading me! So i just responded by saying ‘let’s just cancel then because you obviously don’t want to do this’. and that was it. This went on for months. It was not a one-day conversation. I was mostly pissed because she had the best pictures and I really wanted her. She obviously did not want to work. Was I a little too blunt with her and rude? Probably. But I was so done.. If she didn’t want to do it JUST SAY SO. Don’t give me every excuse under the sun as to why you can’t do it. And don’t set your profile to ‘professional makeup artist’ and offer yourself as a business if you actually don’t conduct business. Wasted my time..

After that debacle I went on the search again for another local makeup artist.. searching all different types of hashtags in english and korean.. searching Yelp, Google and all the wedding websites…

And I found another artist who could do a look similar to what I wanted? Not really. It was just good enough. It wasn’t that groundbreaking. I know I sound really picky but I am. I know the exact look I wanted and to not find it locally is tough. I do have my own makeup license so I could technically do my own makeup the day of my wedding but I just don’t want that extra stress. I’d want it done perfectly so I’d rather leave it to someone who could focus on that for me.

So I spoke to the new artist I found and although she was also an hour away she was more than willing to drive to me (at an extra cost) and she was completely on board. She was also under $100 so I booked an appointment. I will review this makeup trial in my next blog post next week!

Stay tuned for thatt!!

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