Trial Wedding Makeup Disaster Pt.2!

Bridal problems.. lol. Welcome to part two! Part one was uploaded last week and you can read that debacle here:

So I scheduled a makeup artist to come to my house so we could have a trial wedding day makeup look done. We shall refer to her as Helena. (not her real name).

She was on time, had a whole setup and was the nicest woman. Totally professional and kind. That’s where the good things stop.

I was incredibly disappointed because she didn’t do a thing I asked for.

Prior to meeting, we messaged each other on what kind of look I wanted, I sent her reference pictures and everything! The day of, we talked once more about what I wanted. I wanted a clean bridal look. Glittery eyes, light contouring, and NATURAL makeup. I asked for a more Korean style makeup (specifically light and short false lashes that fit my eye size. Not Kim Kardashian spider eyelashes). American makeup looks are fine and all, but they don’t match my face. I’m Korean with smaller eyes. Helena was also Korean. She said she has worked with all kinds of faces and races so I trusted her and her profile of work.

She did not fufill any of my hopes. Sadly, I ended up with REALLY THICK foundation, muddy eyeshadow that was not shimmery and long spider false lashes…


I’m not even joking; the lashes were LONG THICK and were double the size of my eyes. Those lashes should not have been put on my face. She could have at least trimmed them!

The foundation was just a joke, she used a pharmacy brand foundation with no primer. Of course it’s going to get cakey. What made me a little upset is that she kept saying “wow, your face is so dry I have to use so much foundation!” Well my face is dry, yes but girl… this a shitty foundation! On the inside I had a feeling this wasn’t going to turn out well.

The eyeshadow.. sigh.. I have better eyeshadow products on my vanity. She used the palettes and I saw her use pink, nude and all kinds of brown. I did not want brown. I wanted shimmer. So a gold would’ve been a better choice. But no, I ended up with muddy brown eyes. You couldn’t even tell there was pink in there.

Being a licensed makeup artist myself I feel like I have some idea of what looks good on me and this wasn’t it. nowhere near close. I even had my bridesmaid come over and sit with me the whole time. She’s one of my closest friend and she knew exactly what look I wanted. She confirmed that Helena did not fufill what I wanted. She said I looked SO BAD!! 🙁

To give Helena the benefit of the doubt, my face is not easy to do makeup on. I’ve never had anyone do makeup on me that looked great? I do my own makeup better just because I know my face and what will enhance my features. I just didn’t want to stress about doing my own makeup on my wedding day! I wanted to hire someone to take care of it for me.. But that is not going to happen..

Helena was a perfectly nice person and I’m sure her makeup looks fantastic on those who like the extra look but it just did not match me.

I was polite to her till the end though! I paid her, I smiled and said it looked nice, and bid her farewell. I texted her afterwards that I had just decided to do my own makeup and she understood.

After everything I’m just really envious of the girls that can get their makeup done and it look amazing. My face is.. different? lol

Hopefully I won’t stress too much on the day of the wedding but I will keep you guys updated!

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