::REVIEW:: The Face Shop – Lovely Cushion Blushers!

Hi bunnies!

Today’s throwback review will be The Face Shop’s Lovely me:ex Coral Cushion and Pink Cushion Blushers!

I got these blushes as a gift from my cousin and they’re so cute!

Each sell for about $6 and come with cute puffs inside to apply the blush.

The puffs have ribbons at the top so you can grip them but honestly their main function is just decoration. It doesn’t really grip well at all LOL

The packaging is a thick cardboard but sturdy! One negative is that the size of the blush is misleading, the blush is barely one-third the height of the packaging.

Now let’s look at the actual blush!

I swatched the coral on my left and the pink on my right. As the pictures show the coral shows up a lot less on camera.

The below pictures show the swatches up closer!

Both blushes are light when applied to the cheek but it is buildable so a few layers will make them pop!

Neither blush has a specific scent or fragrance and did not irritate my skin.

The blushes were made of a very very fine powder; no huge fallout when using a brush or my fingertips!

For my skin complexion I found the coral color fit me better but the pink is also adorable~ It’s more of a youthful look 🙂

I honestly do not wear blush in my daily routine so it did become a HUGE chore to use these blushes regularly! And unfortunately I did not get to empty these blushes before their expiration date! Agh!

This is why I do challenges to empty my beauty shelf! lol

This is the coral blush on a tissue to see the color swatch on a white surface!

Good color payoff, great for subtle makeup 🙂

For $6 this is a great blush, I would especially recommend it to beginners since it’s such a buildable product and you won’t look RED in the face if you apply too much <3

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