::REVIEW:: The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Ash Nose Strip!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Ash Nose Strip!

I feel like I’ve tried ALL nose strips from The Face Shop and this one is possibly my least favorite – Let’s see why!

The price is fine, a box of 7 costs $10 if memory serves me right.

Don’t get me wrong, the nose strip does get a lot of gunk off my nose but it’s so messy I hate it.

You use it like any other nose strip, apply to your nose, wet it and wait till it dries.

This nose strip… whew.. the smell is crazy strong. Smells like chemicals? As soon as you wet your  nose and put it on, you can smell it and it won’t go away till it dries. So get ready to smell nothing but this for 20 minutes.

Another thing is you need to dunk so much water on your nose that it drips down to your mouth and it tastes SO GROSSS. Blech! If you’re using these, hold a tissue close to your mouth to stop water from going in..

ONE HUGE NEGATIVE of this strip- it leaves dark gray residue all over my nose. Like if that area was wet on top of the skin instead of the strip, it’ll stain my skin. And you have to get a tissue and rub hard to get it off. So annoying.

See how unhappy I am on the right picture? LOL My disdain is clear~

Next I will show you up close the strip after I was done –


It dries in about 20 minutes.  Just touch it gently all over to ensure its completely dried. If not it won’t work.

To really see results you can’t do this too often. To see the little bits  of gunk I do these every 3 months!

Personally I have bigger pores on my cheeks than my nose so this is okayy but not a required item in my skincare routine.

Overall I’d rate this a 2/5 jars of hunnyy. Meh. You can get better strips elsewhere!!

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