::REVIEW:: – It’s Skin – Blackhead Clear Nose Sheet!

Hi bunnies!

Today’s review is It’s Skin’s Blackhead Clear Nose Sheet! I bought a whole pack of these so let’s get into the review!


7 sheets in one box for $3!

Product Claims: “High fitting sheet removes blackheads. White clay stronger absorption than charcoal removes blackhead”


This nose strip is really rectangular LOL! Most curve at the ends but this is really boxy~

Maybe that’s why it was kinda hard to get the nose tip to adhere to my skin…which is funny because the claim is quoted saying it has strong absorption 🙂

This strip also smells like a normal nose pore strip! They all have this smell! It’s like a slight chemical scent and charcoal scent? Hard to explain sowwy~

So after I applied the strip to my nose and added water there was no gray staining like The Face Shop nose strips have.

I left this strip on my face for about 15-20 minutes; same as other masks~ Afterwards the strip hardened and I peeled off!

Got a good amount of yuckiness out. Pretty good!

One negative is that once you peel the strip off you’re left with this white staining.. Rip. guess it’s just something you can’t avoid in this process~

What is WONDERFUL though is that my nose does not itch at ALL. wonderful wonderful.

Better then The Face Shop strip based on that alone.. That itch drives me NUTS lol

Overall I really liked this nose sheet! It did tons of my blackheads out and left no itchy feeling! It was a bit hard to adhere to my skin and had a smell but eh I can overlook those little things! 7 sheets for $3 is also a steal!

I rate this product 5/5 jars of hunnyy!! <3

Do you guys have a nose pore strip you love? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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