::REVIEW:: – Moonshot’s Jelly Pot Eyeshadow !!

Hi bunnies!
Today’s review is Moonshot’s Jelly Pot Eyeshadow! This is in shade G02 Moon Noir~

This brand is known for having Kpop Star G-Dragon as their model!

When I walked into Moonshot’s store in Myeongdong it definitely had that aura of exclusivity. Their prices also matched that aura.. That’s why I could only afford to buy one little teeny eyeshadow from their store lol.

This eyeshadow costs $14.75 which is VERY pricey for me.

I’m actually really disappointed because this eyeshadow is hardened!! Not even a year after I bought it! I don’t know if this is user error – I didn’t use it soon enough or if the product is actual shit.

But even when I use my fingertips to warm up the product IT DOES NOT SPREAD WELL. It clumps all over my eyelids and I end up pulling my face to get it to spread. WRINKLES AGH Moonshot I hate you.

I did some research to see if anyone else had this problem and nothing pops up. When I opened the pot for the first time for a winnie the pooh swatch it was okay, I don’t remember it being so hardened.

That to me just means that this product does not have longevity.. like less than a year??? Really?

Super disappointed.

As you can see from the swatch it’s a very reflective purple color so I bet it would look gorgeous on my eyes.. wish I had the chance to apply it when it was in its prime.

As curious as I am to see what it would look like I’m not about to repurchase this.. one and done.

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