What Happened This Week Hunnyy?

Hi bunnies! I am starting a new series where I showcase my world in the last week! Everything I posted on my instagram so you never miss a beat! <3

Really wish I didn’t use this before taking proper pictures LOL. I completely spaced and jabbed my brush right into it😂😂😂

💎MY NEW EARRINGSSSS. I dont care if theyre too big i am here for it! I just love the vibrancy and the sparkles💎

🦞Today I am sharing what I got from Sephora for my birthday that I disliked so much I never got around to reviewing it!🦞

The Glow starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer -I didn’t open the packaging at all for that whole year. I’ve used the pink moisturizer and it does has a bit of pearl to it. but its alright. I feel like it doesn’t obviously add sparkle to my face. maybe you just use it to look a bit more bright?The Supermud mask… I’ve tried twice and the second time MY FACE STUNG SO  BADLY I had to wash it off after 2 minutes.I honestly don’t know if it was a fluke incident or if my skin is not compatible to this mud mask..

I will do more research and do a full review if I can! Sigh.. overall not impressed at all with Glam Glow.. Do any of you guys like this brand?? Lemme know in the comments below!🦞

🍳Today’s review is Clio Professional’s Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer!🍳

I absolutely LOVE Clio’s Kill Cover line! I also have their foundation cushion and it was glorioussss~ Let’s see if their primer follows suit!

When I opened the packaging it was a nude color primer that slips and slids! It had almost a greasy feel? The greasiness feel didn’t last long so I put a bb cream on top of the primer and my pores were very blurred! Yay!

I think this is better than the Etude House cherry base primer I tried the other day~ Overall I think it did a good job!🍳

🔮Moonshot’s Jelly Pot Eyeshadow! 🔮

This is in shade G02 Moon Noir~

When I walked into Moonshot’s store in Myeongdong it definitely had that aura of exclusivity. Their prices also matched that aura.. That’s why I could only afford to buy one little teeny eyeshadow from their store lol.

Read the whole review at hunnyy.com🔮

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