::REVIEW:: Dr Jart – Premium BB Cream!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is Dr. Jart’s Premium BB Cream!

This mini size is so cute so let’s get into the review!


SPF 45

“Multi-Action Skincare + Make-up + Sunscreen”

Full sized bottle is 40 ml and $39

This bb cream is marketed for all skin types and described as “A cult-favorite all-in-one beauty balm perfects the complexion with a powerful anti-aging complex while shielding skin from UV damage.”


  1. Packaging? Cute, the mini size has enough product for 2 layers on my skin
  2. Consistency/Texture? smooth and light
  3. Color? Very brown color. Thats the  first thing i noticed. But my skin doesnt look any browner. Weird.
  4. How is the application? Meh, No redness coverage.
  5. Scent? Smells like bad bb cream. Strong bad smell. Like im almost worried its expired.
  6. Coverage? WAY too light. pretty much no cover at all.
  7. Finish? (natural, satin, matte, dewy) Natural
  8. How do my pores look? No difference lol
  9. Does it dry fast? Smudge? Average, no complaints.
  10. Is it long lasting? I can’t tell since my face doesn’t look any different after application
  11. Ingredient Rating? 5/10 because it has PEG-10 Dimethicone, fragrance, talc, and butylparaben.
  12. Would I repurchase? No. Honestly I don’t think this should be called a BB Cream. It should just be a sunscreen.

Very disappointing that this bb cream doesnt provide any coverage. I don’t care to purchase a full sized bottle to try again.

Has anyone else had this experience? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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