::REVIEW:: Goop Beauty- 15% Glycolic Acid Peel

Hi bunnies!

Today’s review is Goop’s 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel!

I received this a few months back as part of a influenster review box and posted it on my instagram. The below is my review!


 So it’s a little glove you slip on and swipe across your clean washed face.

Leave on overnight to get a glowing face.


So I did it.. and IT BURNS!!!!

I’m not gonna lie this STUNG like none other..

i immediately yelped and stopped applying it..

The picture on the left was exactly the moments I had it on my face. LOL

I tried it on my elbow prior to my cheeks and it stung then too but I just thought it was cause I have eczema on my elbow so it was naturally more sensitive but jeez!!!

They do have other versions with less acidity content.

Yeah this product is too strong for me.. maybe 5% glycolic acid would be better..

Gwenyth idk what u trying but this hurt my facee..🤕

As you can tell even though this was a complimentary product my review was 100% honest and my true experience.

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