::NAIL STUDIO:: Metallic Moon Nails!

Hi bunnies!

New nail look from the Hunnyy Studio! I call this the Metallic Moon Nails!

This look is comprised of metallic light blue polish, pink hearts in two different sizes and colors and golden crescent moons!

The blue polish is Nature Republic and the pink hearts is from an Innisfree polish if my memory is correct!

I think the feel I was going for here is Sailor Moon! I absolutely love Sailor Moon, I love the whole moon and universe concept~ I actually think I’m going to name my daughter Xing Xing which means star is chinese <3

The only thing I wish I could change is the pink hearts. They’re adorable but they don’t have a colored outline so it’s hard to see the light pink hearts over the metallic blue because it’s so iridescent~~

Anyway I hope you guys liked today’s post!

I will be uploading nail looks more regularly! I have a billion nail looks already but still! I’m constantly trying to up my nail skills!!

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Until next time loves!



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  1. Looking great!
    Hey hunny, actually I had a question I wanted to ask since you’re from Korea and also a BTS fan. What do adults think about K-pop? I mean what are adults’ or even your parents’ opinions on BTS or other K-pop groups like NCT or Exo? I’m just curious hehe

    1. Author

      hi! i can only speak for the korean adults ive been around – generally they like it because its “soft power’ politically, and koreans are very proud people so they like that its popular worldwide. my parents know who bts and exo are, but not all groups, they dont know who nct is lol.

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