RIDICULOUS Etude House Shipping Problem!!!

Hi bunnies! I have run into a problem with Etude House!! On Black Friday I was shopping and filled up my cart enough to get free shipping! But… it kept charging me for the shipping… wtf?

You had to buy $80 worth of stuff and I had $100! I went through the ordering process all the way to the very last confirmation page and it still had like $30 of shipping! I emptied my cart, started all over, refreshed my page but nothing worked! At my final frustration I emailed Etude House. This was the response I got:

So apparently WEIGHT was the source!! My cart had a total weight of like 4,500!! so I’M A HUNDRED GRAMS OVERWEIGHT! UGHHH!!! I rearranged my cart to delete some heavier items and replaced them with lighter eyeliners. I ended up with a final weight of 4,364 grams! JEEZ!!

That’s when the shipping cost finally went away!

This was REALLY annoying but whatever. At least I got the free shipping. But this is huge thing to note when shopping from Etude House!!


pro – Etude House responds really really fast.

con – weight issue was confusing and almost a secret? hidden? which results in a lot of frustration. a lot of customers would just stop shopping from here in my opinion. but i really wanted these products lol

Honestly, I get it. Shipping heavy items is expensive. But put that in your disclaimer somewhere! I looked and I didn’t see anything about this!!

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