Hi bunnies! This is what happened this week in Hunnyy World- (+all my insta posts from this week)

  • BUTTER has taken up my weekend, i was SO happy when I first heard the song, the lyrics are much more cohesive than dynamite? just my opinion~! I really liked Butter lyrics, I loved the whole concept. My favvv line was RM saying he’s got army behind them <3 Yes yes yes! Made me so proud, 7 years army && going strong!!!
  • I booked my FIRST MASSAGE APPOINTMENT EVER. I have never gotten a professional massage before but I got my tax refund and really wanted something to indulge in! My appointment is in about two weeks and I’m a bit nervous? LOL. Never done this before! I hope its super relaxing and doesnt hurt!
  • I used one of my sunscreen samples from Hanyul and this shit is so thick and sticky! Also turns your face white and it’s hard to blend.. blechh.

🎉GLAM BEAR yess! This is the orange Missha liquid eyeshadow|! 🎉Follow me for all my  Winnie the Pooh swatches 🐻‍

🐻‍3CE x Winnie x Hunnyy. Loving how this turned out!! Follow me for all my  Winnie the Pooh swatches 🐻‍

🧁Banila co  swatch~ This is the least sparkly swatch in my opinion~ I’m going to wear these shadows a little more before I do a full review because I’m hesitant on how long lasting all four of these are..🧁

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