::REVIEW:: Too Cool For School – Egg Cream Mask!


Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Too Cool For School – Egg Cream Mask! This line of egg skincare is SO iconic for Too Cool For School!

Let’s get into the review!


  • I have the Firming version but there is also hydration and tightening!
  • $6 for one mask
  • weight – 0.98 oz

Claims: “This Egg Cream Firming Mask is a variation of the popular To Cool For School Original Egg Cream Mask targets sagging and dull skin. High concentrations of active ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen create a stretchy texture to support the appearance of elasticity, while egg yolk extract nurtures the skin. The skin-fitting microfiber comfortably adheres to all facial contours to deliver active ingredients effectively. In as little as 20 minutes, skin appears visibly firmed and plumped, hydrated, and nourished.


  • Is opening the packaging easy? Yes, opens easily!
  • Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? It does have a fragrance
  • Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? SO much essence. enough for two layers like lotion on my whole body but spills out really fast so be careful!
  • What does the mask feel like? It’s an eggshell color, feels nice
  • Does it fit my face well? Mouthhole is too small, liquid goes into my mouth a little
  • Does it stay on well? Yes, it sticks well!
  • Does it sting at all? No stinging
  • Overall comfort? thick mask/ actually kind of makes me antsy to get it off. It’s been awhile since I’ve  had a face mask on. It feels sooo soft and jelly like though. It also has weird mesh chicken wire separating the mask so it doesn’t stick to itself I guess
  • Does my skin feel any different? Not really
  • How long did I keep the mask on? 20 minutes
  • How did my skin feel right after? Normal
  • How did my skin feel the day after? face feels moisturized and good after.
  • Would I repurchase? Probably not~
  • Do I recommend it? Meh. Idk

What do you guys think?



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