::REVIEW:: 3CE -Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the 3CE – Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil! BEHOLD! One of the worst eyebrow pencils I’ve ever tried!

I truly truly detested my time using this product.. let’s get into the review!


0.35g for $16~ ( I bought this pencil on sale so it was probably about $10)

Hexagonal-cutting, soft natural color, smudge proof and long lasting


First off – this pencil arrived BROKEN. I took the lid off the pencil and this tip came right out!! ….. i have no words..

I have this in cocoa brown and the color is accurate.. but getting the color to show up on the skin is the problem.

It does not draw well on skin or hair. FRUSTRATION is all I feel when I think of this brow pencil.

If you apply the pencil hard, it breaks! So you’re kind of screwed either way.

You see these swatches?? you can barely see shit. It’s not worth buying even on sale..

The hexagonal shape didn’t help much either. I get what they meant for it to do- give you unique angles to get clean lines but the pencil is so thick there is no clean line achievable..

I never wore this pencil on a day when I left the house. I only used it to fill in my brows when I stayed at home during quarantine..

The only way I would recommend this to someone is if they wanted a super light thick eyebrow pencil. Even then you’re better off with Tarte or Benefit or Innisfree eyebrow pencils..

I’m so sad because I usually love 3CE products. I love their mascaras and lippies.. ASDGHJLKLJ

I’ll finish off this review with some side notes – the brush on the other end of this pencil is fine. No issues. Also the pencil does last a long time.. which did not help me since it was a shit product to begin with LOL. It was like torture finishing it.

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