::Hunnyy Nail Studio:: DIY Stickers are Not Easy!

Hi bunnies! Today’s post I will share my difficulties with making my own nail stickers! I watched many many tutorials on how to do this but LAWD if you don’t have the right tools this is too hard.

I am not good at drawing. I do not have a steady hand. If you suck at these two things these nail stickers are damn near impossible.
This is how you are supposed to make nail stickers at home

  1. Find a design to trace.

2. Put the design inside a sheet protector

3. Put a dollop of clear nail polish on top of the sheet protector

4. Wait for the dollop to dry

5. Trace your design in the nail polish of your choosing.

6. Once dry, peel off and apply to your nail.

7. Apply top coat to seal it in.

The problems? The nail brushes I had were not pointy/sharp enough to create clean lines. The designs are also very very tiny because my nails are tiny.

This takes so much practice and it is time consuming because you have to wait for the polish to dry twice. Sighhh

I will keep trying!! LOL. These designs are just pictures I found and thought were adorable~

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