::REVIEW:: – Happy Bath – Juice Smoothies!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review are the Happy Bath Juice Smoothies in Red Nourishing and Yellow Energizing!

These are body washes, NOT actual juice! Definitely the CUTEST bath products I’ve ever seen. My cousin sent me these and they are the bee’s knees <3

Let’s get started with the review!

The big red one is 300g, the small yellow is 100g and they have this in six different versions!

They actually have a LARGER version that is 800g!! WOW I want that one lol

Since these were a gift I had to google the price and they seem to both be under $10!

The red body wash has the following claims:

Skin nourishing with antioxidant effect pomegranate extract and tomato ingredient.

Contains Pomegranate 9mg, tomato 6mg, red bean 4mg and vitamin 4mg.

The yellow claims to :

“Skin energizing with lemon and citron juice”

Contains lemon 9mg, yuza 6mg, oatmeal 4mg and vitamin 4mg

The red bean and oatmeal really came from left field LOL wasn’t expecting those ingredients! And when they say “vitamin” what kind are they talking about? 🙂

Here is a swatch of the red body wash!

Both the red and yellow foam up really well, cleanse my skin and feel good!

I’ve emptied both products and never had an issue with either.
I’m not crazy about the frgrance though~ The pomegranate scent and citron scent were too strong in my opinion.

Also – this shit lasts forever! I’ve had this post in my draft folder for over a year because I wanted to use all of it before I reviewed it!

Its been over a year! It was great! I wasn’t crazy about the mango smell but eh you win some, you lose some.

It’s inexpensive enough to be worthy of repurchasing! Happy Bath is always a staple in Korean skincare world! Every airbnb I’ve been in has them too LOL

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