PSA* Don’t Buy Cheap Nail Tools

Hi bunnies!

Public Service Announcement – Don’t buy inexpensive nail brushes/tools. They will drive you insane. Speaking from first-hand knowledge. I bought these cheap-ass nail brushes like 7 years ago and I never use them much. But last week I was trying to paint cute chocolate nails and draw “chocolate drizzle” little lines across my nails but it was a disaster!

The brushes were too thick and random hairs kept sticking out so it would get messy!! You can’t just erase nail polish marks, you’d erase the whole base layer under it as well. That’s why these designs have to be so precise. And these cheapo’s are not getting the job done. I literally gave up on trying to get a cute thin drizzle line…

They also break apart when you wash them. The tip with the brush and silver top come out of the white handle. The glue that held these two parts together is nonexistent. So you just pop the top back on every time you wash it..

Never buying these again. I got them on eBay by the way. Invest in brushes made by a trusted beauty source. If I find one I will let you guys know.

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