::REVIEW:: Frudia – Pomegranate NutriMoisturizing Mask!

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Today’s review is the Frudia – Pomegranate NutriMoisturizing Mask! What a longgggg name! I feel like most people would stop reading halfway through LOL.

I’m not the biggest user of Frudia but they sell these kbeauty goodies at CVS pharmacies in the U.S so it’s worth a shot!
Let’s get started~~~

::REVIEW:: Frudia - Pomegranate NutriMoisturizing Mask!


  • How much? $4~ online
  • Weight? 0.91oz
  • Claims?By containing pomegranate extract with rich polyphenol ingredient (46%), this mask turns dry skin into moist and resilient skin. This mask adheres well on skin as it uses skin-friendly fiber, extracted from plant of natural origin, and effectively delivers active ingredients deeply into skin. By containing full energy of pomegranate, this mask prevents loss of moisture, fills in with firm and deep moisture, and protects skin from external environment. This mask has completed skin irritation test, and thus, can be used on sensitive skin with ease.”
  • Is opening the packaging easy? Yes but it comes wrapped in this fishnet looking white mesh. Very weird.
  • Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? smell is REALLY overwhelming, it’s way too strong. I don’t like it.
  • Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? lots of essence on the mask and in the packaging
  • What does the mask feel like? the mask is actually light tan, its a little tan color.
  • Does it fit my face well?  fits well
  • Does it stay on well? 10/10
  • Does it sting at all? no itch
  • Overall comfort?not as thin as most cotton masks. doesn’t feel cheap.
  • How long did I keep the mask on? 30 minutes and still not dried!
  • How did my skin feel right after? normal
  • How did my skin feel the day after? normal
  • Would I repurchase? mehh, its okay but nothing too special. I’d just rather it have no smell than it be so overpowering.

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