::REVIEW:: Nature Republic – Orange Eyeshadow

Hi Bunnies! This review needs to be written because this eyeshadow is so bad lol. It actually made my list in 2020 for worst products of the year! Why? It’s such a gorgeous color!! Well..

First thing i notice is the eyeshadow pot pops out! Like its not glued onto the case! Wtf!!

These first few pictures were taken before I ever opened the case so scroll to the bottom to see what it looks like now 🙂

The shadow is pretty but kinda cakey? Like a mousse? It feels like I spilled oil on it and it just never recovered..

It is also AWFULLY messy. After I apply it, the glitter is all over my face and hands. That wouldn’t be too big of a problem cause usually you just get a makeup wipe and wipe off excess but this eyeshadow? Nahh..

It’s hard to get off! Rubbing alcohol, micellar water, makeup remover, nothing works! You basically just have to use a combination of products and rub hard to get off.. 

Basically never wear this and step outside. The touchups are ridiculous.

Pretty color. Pigmented. But jesus so messy. I really dont know what happened to this eyeshadow because I have the SAME shadow in pink and that one is glorious! Maybe I got a faulty product..? Oh well..

Here is the eyeshadow now –

Until next time loves!



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