::REVIEW:: It’s Skin – Blackhead Clear Nose Sheet!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Black Head Clear Nose Sheets from It’s Skin!

Let’s get started!

Each box comes with 3 sheets and costs around $3. They have another version of this nose strip but it’s a 3 step version. I have the one step!

First thing I noticed is this strip is really rectangular lol. It’s kinda hard to get strip to adhere to my nose’ tip!

Once you wet the strip with water it smells like all other nose strips; kind of chemically? Nothing awful.

I kept this strip on for 20 minutes until it felt fully dry. As you can see from the picture it got a good amount of gunk off my nose!

One thing I really didn’t want was the staining on my skin that nose pore strips usually leave behind because they’re hard to rub off. Aaaaand this strip has them.. RIP. oh well I guess this is one of those inconveniences I can’t avoid~!

Overall I really liked this nose pore strip! It got the job done and NO ITCHINESS before, during of after!! I can live with the white stains if I don’t have a constant itch on my nose! Yay! The Face Shop’s nose pore strips HELLA itch me so I hate them LOL.

Okay so the below picture will show the gunk from my nose! For those squeamish to this scroll down fast! LOL

Okay you have been warned!!

Nose Pore results below!!


Not bad right? I normally use pore strips so I never have an INSANELY clogged nose or anythingg! hehe 🙂

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Until next time loves!



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