::REVIEW:: Jayjun – Real Water Brightening Black Mask!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the JayJun – New Real Water Brightening Black Mask! I swear Kbeauty companies battle on who can have the longest product name.. LOL 🙂

Okay Let’s get started with Hunnyy’s review!


A box of 10 masks sell for $35

Made with Rayon sheets to fit onto the skin

Includes mineral-rich Jeju seawater

A few things to cover before my Hunnyy Criteria- Since this mask is a 3 step process we need to see what all the steps are and what they’re supposed to do. Here is the explanation from JayJun:

Step 1. Real Water Cleansing Foam – Cleansing foam incorporated with papaya extract to remove dead skin cells.

Step 2. Vita Snow Essence – The key ingredients in this essence are niacinamide and adenosine – targeting fine lines and helping you achieve a brighter skin.

Step 3. Real Water Brightening Black Mask – With a combination of mineral-rich seawater from Jeju Island and ceramides, this mask will help capture in all the nutrients.

First step cleanser is egg cream color, creamy and foams well. I liked this step the best!

Step 2 is a gel like serum. It feels fine, normal clear serum, nothing out of the ordinary.


  • How much? 10 sheets for $35
  • Weight? 0.84fl oz
  • Claims?A thirst quenching mini facial treatment for your skin! A 3-step treatment to cleanse, brighten and nourish your complexion. Formulated with the precious, mineral-rich lava seawater from Jeju-Island, this sheet mask provides intensive hydration and soothing effects all at once.”
  • Is opening the packaging easy? Yes
  • Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? Step 1 smells like hotel soap but in a good way! Step 3 smells kinda like whiffs of charcoal?
  • Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? There’s a lot of essence on the mask itself, not much in the packaging.
  • What does the mask feel like? Thickkkkkk.
  • Does it fit my face well? Third step is black mask.
  • Does it stay on well? Long neck part that falls off at least three times…ugh!
  • Does it sting at all? Nope!
  • Overall comfort? Mouth hole is small.
  • How long did I keep the mask on? 30 minutes!
  • How did my skin feel right after?  Normal
  • How did my skin feel the day after?  Normal
  • Would I repurchase?  Yes, in my opinion it’s worth the money cause its a cleanser, serum and mask!

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