::REVIEW:: A’Pieu – Stone Peach Bubble Mask!

Hi bunnies! This is another throwback product – the A’Pieu Stone Peach Pore Less Bubble Mask!

I’m writing a draft for this review while wearing the mask and my whole face is pink and bubbly!!

It has a really creamy consistency and lathers on like a dream~ It dries a little fast so spread it on your face quickly! It took about three small pumps to cover my whole face. Try to use one finger for application since this mask can get messy! After about 30 seconds it starts to bubble up. You can hear it like a carbonated soda fizzzzzing^^ It’s not as loud as a soda but you get my point.

As for fragrance it’s not overwhelming or anything but I don’t know how to describe the smell..kind of like a cleanser. lol It’s pretty good 🙂

After about five minutes you can feel it hardening. I’m moving my mouth around to see how hard my face is getting. This is always the funnest part of clay masks. It itches a bit though..I really want to scratch but face but I shan’t. RESIST THE URGEEEE. Don’t touch your face too soon either or else the mask will wipe off onto your fingas!

It completely hardens in about 20 minutes and washes off like a dream! This bottle took about 9 months to empty and I have really good memories of it! The only problem is….

IM SO UPSET I DIDNT TAKE PICS OF THIS the whole time i used this mask.. like how… im constantly taking swatch pictures and videos.. how did this mask fall through the cracks… UGHHH fml.

the above picture is the closest pic i have to show.. it has edges of the spout with the pink mask… wow.. literally breadcrumbs..

So sorry guys, I shouldve taken more pics and got this post out to you guys sooner.. sigh..

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Until next time loves!



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