::REVIEW:: Cosrx – Holy Moly Snail Mask!!

Hello bunnies! Today’s review is the Holy Moly Snail Mask from Cosrx!

Lo and behold the smallest freaking mask I’ve ever tried. Like holy cheesus lord this mask felt so tiny on my face! With that said, let’s go right into the review-

A three pack costs $13, each mask weights 21ml.
Here are the claims:

“COSRX’s Holy Moly Snail Mask contains ginseng water and snail mucin to provide antioxidant properties and an abundance of nutrients to leave your skin hydrated, smooth and plump.”

Hunnyy Mask Experience:

  • Is opening the packaging easy? Yes!
  • Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? doesn’t smell like anything
  • Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? There is a bit, not tons!
  • What does the mask feel like? really basic, run-of-the-mill sheet mask. it is a peach color!
  • Does it fit my face well? No. Eyeholes, nose, mouthhole, you name it, it’s too small. And I feel like my face shape is really average, not too big. like i ripped the mask at every hole to feel like I can breathe. The essence got on my eyelashes and my eyes.. not pleasant..
  • Does it stay on well? Yepp, doesn’t fall off at all
  • Does it sting at all? No
  • Overall comfort? The mask dries really quickly and feels finee~
  • Does my skin feel any different? Not muchh
  • How long did I keep the mask on? 20 minutes
  • How did my skin feel right after? Great! Went to bed without more moisturizer.
  • How did my skin feel the day after? feels good but I should have put on night cream after this mask
  • Would I repurchase? Probably not just cause it doesnt fit me.
  • Do I recommend it? Meh.

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  1. that’s discontinued

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