::REVIEW:: -The ORGINAL Makeup Eraser!!

Hi bunnies!
Today we will be doing an in-depth review of the very famous Makeup Eraser!! I bought the original Makeup Eraser from their official website.

There are many many variations and brands that sell these microfibers that remove makeup but I wanted the most well-known one to test how well it worked.

So I bought these around the holiday season so I got about a 30% discount that came with a pink bag and 5 sample erasers. the samples were the size of post-its but I kept three of them and gave 2 of them to friends.

Here  is the makeup eraser – it has two sides – one side with short fibers for erasing makeup in circular motions. The long fiber side is for exfoliation~


I’ve used it for the last year and I’ve found that it’s best for removing foundation and large surfaces. I don’t recommend using this to remove hard to reach areas like mascara or eyeliner because it takes a lot more strain to remove. I see my eye skin wrinkle so much since I have to rub a lot to get the product off. For mascara and eyeliner I recommend using cleansing oils and waters for gentle removal.

I think it is bit overpriced because it doesn’t erase 100% of makeup. You would have to rub this cloth so harshly against your eyes if you wanted 100% off.

The best way to use these erasers would be to use them to get foundation off and big ticket items (lipstick, eyebrows, no sensitive spots that could wrinkle).

I really would like to have all the colors for these!! If I could afford it I totally would, they’re so cute! I definitely don’t regret this purchase but I am weary of the wrinkles it could cause!

Have any of you guys tried this makeup eraser? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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