::REVIEW:: Clio – Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Clio – Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer!

I personally LOVE Clio’s kill cover line. I’ve used their concealer, cushion and now their primer!

Let’s get into the review!

The full sized product is 30ml and sells for $26. I had two sample sizes~

Here are the claims:

“Gives big pores and fine wrinkles flawless cover for skin complexion enhancement.Porous powder prevents sebum, silica gives thin protection shield for soft skin look. Tea tree oil treat pores and silky texture on outer skin with healing inside.Pore cover and sebum absorption for silky egg like skin.Skin tone silky texture.


I think this primer did a good job! Honestly I think this Clio primer is better than the Etude House Cherry Base Primer I used recently~

Now the biggest question – were my pores visible after applying this primer?

Nope! Not many pores showed through! Woo! 🙂

Usually after you apply the primer, the foundation slips and slides but that did not happen here! My first impression of this primer is the same as the rest of the Kill Cover line- fantastic! Clio has their game ON POINT.

For reference the picture below shows how my finished face looks with primer and Feverlet bbcream on top! I didn’t realize how yellow the picture is, my apologies!

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