::HUNNYY LIPS:: The Saem Lip Syrups Swatches!

Hi bunnies! Today I have swatches of the cutest lip syrups!! The Saem Peach and Strawberry lippies!

I bought these for $4 each. I came right as the store was about to close so I rushed to pick these two gorgeous colors~!~

***NOT A SPONSORED REVIEW**** No affiliation with any of the brands mentioned in this video, 100% my real thoughts and concerns!!

This is the peach syrup! This is much more subdued than the strawberry and a very natural sheen finish~

I can’t say that the color lasts all day but it does dry rather quickly after application. For the price I still think that’s worth it!

The strawberry is much more pink and vibrant! I love both colors and now that I’m almost finished both bottles, I can confidently say I enjoyed these!! I wish they renewed these lines cause they’re just too cute! The consistency was definitely new but I didn’t hate it!! Definitely have tried worse lip products so I give this a solid 5/5 jars of hunnyy rating <3

I have a youtube video of these lippies here:

Also I have the link to my first impressions of these products here:

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