::MINI REVIEW:: Missha – Time Revolution Immortal Youth Moisturizer!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Missha – Time Revolution Immortal Youth Moisturizer!
I’m a cheapskate and wont buy Missha full sized products. They’re just too expensive! LOL

Specs on this moisturizer-

$54 for full sized bottle 130ml

Claims: “Immortal Youth Skin Rebooter is a 2-in-1 treatment of skin + lotion for firm, healthy skin. It contains 90% ferment essential ingredient to recharge and care for complex skin concerns due to skin aging. Helps brighten and protect skin, and improve skin damages.”

This was a sample size! So here was my Hunnyy Miniview experience:

Moisturizer looks normal, it has slight fragrance but not too bothersome.

It spreads nicely but definitely needed a night cream on top of this. Didn’t have a bad reaction to it the next day. Overall it wasn’t memorable lol. I didn’t even feel the need to take pictures of this product. Again, I didn’t try the full sized so I can’t speak to any long term effects. I would like to try the full sized one day but THE PRICEEEE bro~

One thing I do notice about Missha is that they have a lot of steady sellers and renew their skincare lines often. They don’t seem to follow temporary trends so once you like a product from them, you will get to repurchase!!

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