::INSIGHTS:: Why Makeup Tutorials No Longer Get Views

Hi bunnies! Have you noticed beauty youtubers have transitioned from makeup tutorials to vlogs/experience reviews/weird challenges? I have noticed all the youtubers I follow do this over the last few years and I think I know why – oversaturation of tutorials. It’s like hair tutorials, everything you’d need to learn has already been made. No reinventing the wheel needed~

I understand but it does make me a bit nostalgic of the earlier days on the internet~

Also I hate the weird challenges for clout and views. I hate the ‘100 layers’ of whatever challenges and stupid tiktok hacks of household items to repurpose as nail art and stuff. Half of the “hacks” don’t work.. it’s all for the views.

What I love are the reviews on the best spas, beauty devices, and best beauty brands/ingredients! My favorite beauty youtubers that do this is Company Worker A (korean) and Director Pi!

Here’s hoping the internet sees through the overrated material and we create better quality content <3 Myself included!!

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