::REVIEW:: – Bamboo Reusable Pads!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review are Nipoo’s Reusable Makeup Remover pads! I’m always looking for new ways to reduce my footprint and as I looked at my makeup shelf I saw that cottonpads were a weak spot in my routine! So I found these bamboo pads on amazon!

A pack of 16 sells for $12.99. These are advertised as “ecofriendly and waste free, maintains smooth healthy skin, non-sliding design, washable and travel friendly”.

After using these for almost a year I can say most of these claims are true for me!

They are a good replacement for cotton pads if you use them to wipe off makeup, fix eyeliner/small mistakes when applying makeup. it wont get off 100% of your makeup but no wipe does. You always need to cleanse with water and an oil cleanser/balm~

I also use it for when I need to apply ear care solution to clean my earrings! I hated wasting a tissue everytime I wore earrings so this is a great help!!

I hand wash my bamboo pads, but it dries really roughly, the texture isn’t great when hand washed.. If you put it in the washer it dries much more softer~~

I wouldn’t say it’s the best option for getting your makeup off because you are rubbing this pretty firmly to get the makeup off. I’d say you’re better off using your fingers and a gentle oil remover.

I never say this but this product is worth the money! I don’t regret buying these and I would buy them again! The good thing is that I don’t actually need to buy more! That’s the beauty of washable pads!

And 16 of these pads is MORE than enough to get you through your busy work week or month! I wear makeup faily often and I don’t find myself running out of clean pads.

Truly truly recommend these!!

Few things to note – DO NOT use these to erase nail polish, the stains will most likely not come out. Those unfortunately need disposable wipes/sponges.

Also do not roughly rub your skin with these, your skin is very thin especially around your eyes! Use oil cleanser for those sensitive spots and lightly dab with these pads!

Also these pads came with a zipped pouch so you can throw these in your washing machine!!

Love itttt~ <3

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