::REVIEW:: A’Pieu – No Dirty Brush Cleaning Sponge!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the NO Dirty Brush Cleaning Sponge from A’pieu! Do you own brush cleaning sponges? Like those dry sponges to wipe off your brushes in between washes?

I bought one on Yesstyle and I don’t know how I feel about it.. Leaning towards disliking it LOL Let’s get into the review!


One sponge for $3

Directions: “Shake off the powder remaintants on brush. Wash the sponge after using the both sides“.

Hunnyy Experience:

I never freaking use this. Never. I have to will myself to remember to use this.

I have enough makeup brushes that I don’t need to wipe off the brush to use it again the same day. I also don’t wear makeup everyday.

So when I do use it, I see that it doesn’t 100% clean your brush and I guess it’s not meant to. It’s just supposed to get enough pigment off that you can reuse the brush for another color/purpose.

Now if you do wear makeup everyday or only have a few brushes, this would be great for you.

this is supposed to be a small video but i think it’s just showing up as a picture.. rip.. check my insta for the actual video!

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