::REVIEW:: One of My Favorite Eyelid Tapes!

Hi bunnies! Do you know what eyelid tape is? Some people use it to even out their eye size (like me) and others use it to make their eyes appear larger~ It’s a makeup thing!

I’ve been using eyelid tape for over 10 years and here is one of my FAVORITES! I’ve tried at least 20 brands over the years and I have a really wide range or things I’ve tried. I’ve even tried eyelid glue and let’s not get into that. It causes wrinkles basically.

This brand is called Darkness or Dark 21 and this tape is the “Nude One-sided Double Eyelid Tape”.

Let’s talk about why I love this!

I like that its a small piece width-wise. Much much smaller width-wise than normal eyelid tape. The small size allows it to not be obvious so people won’t see this when they’re looking at you. Other eyelid tapes are REALLY obvious and everyone always asks me what it is.

Also the darker nude color is nice and discreet. its not shiny so it wont attract a lot of attention at all.

One negative is that it doesn’t stay on past 24 hours really. It’s the best when you need to wear makeup or you need to have even looking lids for the day! Not great if you need to wear it in windy weather or strenuous activity!

The little pink tool is meh, I never use these tools. I just use clean hands!

Another thing is this product is a lot pricer than normal eyelid tape! At the local asian mart you can get 20 sheets for like $2. But this comes with 5 sheets for $3.50. But to me, this is totally worth the price. Some days I really don’t feel like explaining my eyelid tape to people especially because these aren’t common in America.

Can you tell which eye has the eyelid tape on?? Gotcha! It’s on the left eye!! I have hooded lids so I only need the tape to give my eye a slight lift to match the other! ( I have one monolid and one double eyelid for those wondering)

Overall these eyelid tapes are 5/5 jars of hunnyy for me!

The only problem is I can’t remember where I bought these so I’m gonna have to research in order to buy more!!

Wish me luck!!

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Until next time loves!



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