::REVIEW::- Yes To – Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipe!

Hi bunnies! Today’s mini review is the Yes To – Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipe! Let’s get started!


This is a sample size but the full sized comes with 30 wipes for $5.99.

For all skin types

Claims: “Formulated with charcoal to help remove dirt and impurities, the detoxifying formula is captured in a very sleek black wipe. 95% natural, non-comedogenic. Formulated without Parabens, SLS and Silicones. Leaping Bunny Certified. Vegan.”


The first thing I noticed is this is a HUGE wipe! It’s bigger than my hand! It also feels semi-damp~

Right off the bat I hate how I cant tell what eyeliner and mascara came off, I wish it was a bit lighter shade.

How does it feel? It’s got a ROUGH texture. I have to rub really hard to get eyeliner and mascara off. Definite no-no. Gives me a one way ticket to wrinkle town.

I did wet it with lukewarm water for better results but even then it only got about 50% of my makeup off.

Got barely any of my waterproof mascara off. If you’re going to use this, probably wiping off foundation/eyeshadow will give the best results.

I have a picture below that shows the rubbed off foundation.

Sigh.. Thankfully I don’t have the full size and I do not wish to try it! So sad because the product itself is vegan and has good ingredients in it..

clearly from this before and after you can see all the eyeliner and mascara left on my eyes.

It’s not worth rubbing harder because I don’t want wrinkles!

AND since it’s a rough texture wipe, even gentle wiping is bad for my skin..UGH

The hilarious part says you don’t need to wash your face after this. you can go about your day. but no you cant. my face feels so dry from this scratch pad.

So after using this wipe I went straight for my Etude House makeup remover and look!!

This is how much the Yesto wipe did not get. Even though this is a sample, even the sample wasn’t worth it. Vicious.

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