28 things I’ve learned by 28!

Hi bunnies~ My birthday has passed and WOW is thirty around the corner.. i still feel like im 19 some days.. I wanted to list some things to my younger self:

  1. If you have one YSL bag, you have them all. They all have a very similar design so I don’t feel the need to buy another YSL.
  2. Up your credit limit every 6months-1 year.
  3. Buy your first house before you get married. Use up that first time homebuyer credit
  4. Go on fun vacations in college. Once you’re working full time there is this guilt every time you take PTO.
  5. Don’t ever connect your self worth to a man. or woman.
  6. Meeting your friends on a regular basis keeps you sane~~
  7. Take 15 minutes to yourself everyday. Otherwise your twenties will FLY BY.
  8. Regularly write down all the things in your life to be blessed about.
  9. Therapy is necessary for almost everyone.
  10. You will lose friends and it hurts worse than a breakup. But if they cant be supportive and positive for your life, cut it off. You will thrive without them.
  11. You are creative even if you don’t believe you are.
  12. People will try to stick to you because they want your money/connections. Leave them in the dust.
  14. Be financially stable in preparation of your baby. Get your ducks in a row before ever attempting to get pregnant.
  15. It’s amazing how much changes in a short amount of time in your twenties. be ready to roll with the punches.
  16. If a man leaves you, LET HIM. do not ever let him come back. Because he will leave again.
  17. Take a picture of your room every few months to look back on when you’re older.
  18. Wearing a blindfold to bed can change your whole sleeping life. it helps me sleep so much faster.
  19. Invest in a good air purifier.
  20. Don’t be car-poor. Listen to Dave Ramsey on this.
  21. Crypto is stupid.
  22. Some people are determined to be nothing in life. Don’t waste your time on them.
  23. Take engagement photos. They’ll be worth it.
  24. Hire a videographer for your wedding for memories.
  25. Go to concerts before you’re too old and tired for the teenagers in the crowds annoying the f*ck out of you. It’s also a lot of noise, a lot of standing and a lot of time.
  26. COVID is not a joke. Be safe and wear your mask.
  27. I cant stress finances enough. Do not be reckless with money.
  28. Like Shakira said – Try Everything <3

What do you guys think? What have you learned in your lives as time goes on? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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  1. Happy birthday! Only thing I disagreed with is the covid thing since it’s a psyop. Otherwise, decent list for a young’un.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I get why you mean about feeling like you are 19. I do the same and I am a bit closer to 30 than you are.

    Absolutely loved the list and I whole heartedly agree 😉

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