::REVIEW:: My First Time Trying Nail Pens!

Hi bunnies! Today I have a new experience! I tried NAIL PENS! I love nail art and I don’t have a steady hand for drawing so I bought these!! It’s similar to paint pens where the body of the pen is filled with nail polish and you squeeze to get polish to come out of the tip.

Because it’s a squeeze type, you still need to be steady and gentle to not get a shit ton of product to squirt out.. which is hard to learn!

Here’s my take:

What I love about these pens:

  • The polish is nice quality, color is bright and strong
  • there is another applicator if you twist the tip, a normal nail brush comes out! Two-for-one!
  • They sell these in packs of 20+ so you can get every color you’d like
  • Very very inexpensive!! I bought mine on aliexpress

What I don’t like about these pens:

  • It is so hard to get a consistent pressure applied to get a steady drawing.
  • Drawing straight lines is the hardest thing

Those two negatives are pretty much the same thing. That’s it though! Overall I’m so happy with my purchase, drawing designs is sooo fun and I love these pens!

I bought the huge 20+ pack and that’s coming soon!!!

YAYAYYAY Nail art studio here we come!!

below I have a design I attempted on a print out of TATA from Bts lol 🙂

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