Etsy Diaries – Thinking Ahead & Commissions

Hi bunnies!

Welcome back to another Etsy Diary post~ Today I am just filled with random thoughts regarding the store~

I know a lot of amazing artists open their shop for custom work & commissions but I honestly don’t have enough confidence to do commissions yet.

I do know some artists have limits on what they do (objects, no human drawings, etc) so I know I have options on the types of commissions I can accept but still~ maybe I’ll decide on a case by case situation.

I also am aware I’m like 50 steps ahead of myself here but whenever I delve into something my brain goes all 10000 steps forward and I think of every possible situation. That’s just me.

In other news I love interacting with all the illustrator accounts on instagram. Some people have really amazing digital art, others hand drawn pictures only~ I can’t think of the term but I love those newspaper cartoon style art! Like each picture tells a funny relatable situation? With word bubbles and stuff. I found some newlywed themed accounts and I RELATE SO HARD haha. Loving married life 🙂

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