::REVIEW:: Milky Piggy -Kangsi Pack!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Milky Piggy – Kangsi Pack! GOLD SHIMMER PACK! looks gorgeous and glamorouss!!

  1. How much? $14 on yesstyle
  2. Weight? 120ml
  3. Claims? “give skin a luminous finish after you rinse it off. The mask restores hydration to skin and keeps it looking healthy and naturally glowing. Use an appropriate amount to cover face and leave it to dry up to 20 minutes. Once the gold mask turns white, rinse with lukewarm water.”
  4. Is opening the packaging easy? Yes
  5. Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? Slight skincare product smell. Nothing severe
  6. Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? NA
  7. What does the mask feel like? It’s a golden gel-like mask you apply all over your face that dries into a white/gray mask
  8. Does it fit my face well? Yes
  9. Does it stay on well? Yes
  10. Does it sting at all? No
  11. Overall comfort? It’s kind of like a bubble mask with the transformation
  12. How long did I keep the mask on? 20-25 minutes until all the goldcolor goes away
  13. How did my skin feel right after? Feels nice
  14. How did my skin feel the day after? Normal

Would I repurchase? Probably not! Overall it’s a fun mask but I dont feel like it imrpoves my skin drastically or anything~

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