::REVIEW:: Ordering from Package Forwarding Service (Delivered Korea) PT1.

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*This post is absolutely NOT sponsored in any way. I used my own money to use this service and will be brutally savage in my review”

I didn’t really know these existed! A service that will purchase products for me online and ship it to me in America! I haven’t been able to visit Korea due to covid and desperately miss the country and the shopping!

There are many items we can ship to ourselves internationally but Korea does have a few sites that do not offer this 🙁 (Naver stores, small online shops, etc). I always thought it was a lost cause until my next trip to Korea and I will just take it home in my luggage then. Until!!!! I came across a reddit post about companies that will buy the item for you (for a small fee), ship it to their domestic korean address and then ship it to you internationally!

Initially I loved the idea but was very very skeptical. Not only would you be paying the company to buy the item for you and you might never receive it, how much would they charge for the service plus the shipping? Would they insure it?

I decided to look more into it! I did a broad google search on companies that did this for Korean products/websites and found four companies. Then I searched for each companies’ website, any social media accounts, etc. I searched it with the word “legit” & “scam” as well. Some companies were literally just self promoted on reddit comments like “we can help you with that! We can provide that service!” But no evidence to prove that this company is real. With that particular company I couldn’t even find a single review of their services. So steered clear of that one!

There was another company that bought from not only Korean websites but Japanese too; that one had several positive reviews from users online on reddit and instagram. A good contender~ More searching and then I found Delivered Korea.

The website seemed very professional and official. The instagram is what won me over. They have a good amount of followers & had posts of their best reviews monthly but the best thing was when you searched their hashtags there are many posts from other personal instagram accounts posting their reviews on the company! With actual pictures of what they ordered and the condition their packages came in. Their website also had this great option to estimate how much your package will cost to ship based on size and weight! You could choose from about 6 different shipping services (fedex, ups, etc). They also had the several options to purchase & ship items. You can buy the item yourself online direct from the site you want, ship it to DeliveredKorea’s korean address and from there DeliveredKorea will ship it to you. Or you can give DeliveredKorea the website link of what you want to buy, paypal them, they order and ship it to you.

I decided to go through with it! Take the leap and try DeliveredKorea! This process ended up taking weeks and it was a bumpy ride!!

I will cover this part in PT2 publishing this thursday!

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  1. wow. u sure taking a lot of digging and searching XD but yeah, i might do the same as well. its frustrated me that some companies from Amazon sometimes stops sending things such as beauty products that i want from Korea. i bet that site’s shipping charges might be pricy because you also need to pay for their service to get your items.

      1. It’s my pleasure stay blessed ❣️💕

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