::REVIEW:: Ordering from Package Forwarding Service (Delivered Korea) PT.2

Hi bunnies! We are back with Part 2 of my experience using Delivered Korea! (read part one here)

I went on the site, made an account and chose the option to have Delivered Korea order my product for me, ship it to themselves in korea then ship it to me in America. Basically a three step process. The reason I chose this is because what I wanted was a stationary set only sold through Naver stores. Naver stores do not ship outside of Korea and also only accepts Korean credit cards!

This is where things got very very complicated…

The site had me fill out TONS of info including: the link to the exact product I wanted to purchase, the name of the store, attach a picture screenshot of the webpage, write out the name of the product IN ENGLISH ONLY, also no numbers-only alphabetical letters. I also had to choose a category for the product (in this case I chose stationary), and the quantity I wanted to buy.

I had like five items from this stationary store I wanted to purchase so I had to do this process FIVE times. The most frustrating part was writing out the name of the product in English letters because Korean stationary had all these goofy character names that didn’t directly translate to English. Also a few of the items had a number in the product name so I had to write those out in English letters too.

After filling out ALL the info, i pressed submit my order. They need up to 48 to respond and review your order. About 30 hours later I got an email saying my order has not been accepted. They stated two of my products descriptions/screenshots did not match the website link. I didn’t understand.. I used the right link.. so I re-entered the links and descriptions, resubmitted. Then a day later I got notified that one of my resubmittals was accepted and one wasn’t. By now I was exhausted with this.. I didn’t know how to fix it so I just took that one item out of my order and resubmitted. I can live without it and it’s not worth the stress.

I waited a few hours for a review and finally they said my order has been accepted and I can now make payment. Once I make the payment for the item plus a small service fee to Delivered Korea themselves they will order my products and ship it to themselves. This took another day to hear back…

I got an email saying THEY COULDNT PURCHASE MY ORDER because the Naver store is all sold out!!! I couldn’t believe it!! Was this a scam? Are they playing me?! I was at a loss… I went through days and days just for the items I wanted to all sell out…

My new concern was am I going to get my money back?? The order cost me about $65 I paid via paypal and the email did not in any way explain next steps or a refund option! I started to panic. I emailed them back and also put in a message on their website directly asking for a refund and stating my order number for reference. I waited on pins and needles for about two days waiting for a response.

Thankfully they emailed me back asking how I wanted my refund- in store credit or via paypal. I chose paypal because I really wasn’t sure if I’d ever use their service again. It took less than a week to get my refund and that finally put my mind at ease~

Fast forward another week and I’m still not over what happened.. the whirlwind.. and the urge to still have that stationary! As some of you may know I just started my own etsy shop and I wanted really cute stationary to inspire me 🙂 I bit the bullet and tried Delivered Korea again. This time with another similar Naver store that sold the same stationary (memo pads, stickers and wrapping paper).

I went through the sameeeee process of links, screenshots, descriptions and the whole nine yards. This time I didn’t get any rejections and paid for my order within a few days. This time my order was $120 LOL. I paid and a few days later Delivered Korea confirmed they successfully ordered my products!

They received my package from the Naver store within about 4 business days and then I had to pay again, but this time it was paying to ship the actual box to my house. The $120 was for the product itself and the service fee for Delivered Korea to buy it for me. Now I had to pay for shipping and I could choose between about 5-6 options (usps, fedex, ups, etc). I went with the cheapest option which was about $75. I was told the size/weight of the box so it made sense. It was like a 5 pound box, it was heavy.

Once I chose my option and paid the $75, my package arrived to my front door in about 4 business days! SOOOO FAST! I was expecting at least two weeks for shipping but nope! The tracking they offered was also incredibly accurate. I have pictures of my box below for those who want to see!

Oh, there was also an option for Delivered Korea to repackage your order to condense it for cheaper shipping if you’d like. It costs like $5 and I did not choose that option.

So overall this process can be LONG and arduous but if you want the product bad enough then it’s worth it. It’s also legit and fast to ship.

I’m already thinking of what else I could purchase through here. I’m thinking of Loar products from my favorite youtuber Aori~ Her products are also domestic Korea shipping only lol 🙂

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!

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