What It Feels Like Being Pregnant For The First Time

Hi bunnies! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and MAN im tired hahaha. I wanted to talk a little bit about how it feels being pregnant! I was one of those girls that ALWAYS wanted to be a mom but never thought it’d actually happen? Like I never thought I’d be this lucky, I am very very grateful and blessed!

Here’s how my pregnancy has felt like!

I found out I was pregnant at five weeks, my period was over 5 days late so I had a slight suspicion but I was like no wayyyyy… until I took the pregnancy test and that second pregnancy line was SO CLEAR AND THICK. Like no question, I was pregnant. Took 3 tests that day at different times and all results were positive.

I didn’t feel any symptoms until I hit about 7 weeks. I just spent the first trimester absolutely terrified I’d miscarry. Every morning I’d make sure I didn’t bleed overnight, googled every possible sign of miscarriage and was over cautious. My husband and I still didn’t really feel pregnant until my symptoms came. I had nausea, indigestion, heartburn, fatigue, heightened smell, almost every pregnancy symptom LOL. The nausea was the worst, I’d get so sick on buses, cars, anything and everything. I couldn’t even watch food youtube videos because the thumbnail of the food would make me feel sick. It repulsed me. I cried several times because I just wanted to feel not sick. This went for weeks until I got to the second trimester.

By 12 weeks I still wasn’t showing in my belly at all. Hadn’t gained any weight and couldn’t feel the baby move. Every doctor’s appointment I’d be TERRIFIED they wouldn’t detect a heartbeat. I read that pregnancy symptoms persist for months even after baby passes away so all my symptoms literally could’ve been just phantom symptoms. I would just pray and pray please keep my baby alive. Thankfully she is, we are still here and healthy <3

I also had NO appetite. I had no cravings, I actually wanted to eat nothing. But I’m pregnant, I have to. I made myself eat three meals a day no matter how sick it made me. It did feel like a burden? Because everything about my body was no longer mine. I was a tunnel for food for my baby, any stress I took on, the baby would take on. I had to be careful and healthy and cautious. Being a first time mom.. this was an adjustment for me. I had to take steps to delegate tasks to my husband to lessen the load on me. I had to cut down on stressing out over trivial things like work or friends. It was a process but my husband has been the best support and handles whatever I need.

Second trimester overall was great because I finally had energy!!! I spent so much of the first 12 weeks nauseous and ASLEEP. Most days I went to bed at 8pm!! Insaneeeee for someone like me. I only had enough energy to do my day job, make/eat dinner, shower then sleep. Nothing else. My body needed to sleep and that’s all I wanted to do. Second trimester I had energy for daysssss. I started my etsy shop during this time! 🙂 My baby bump didn’t start growing until about 14-15 weeks.

Once the baby bump started to appear that’s when I really felt great because I could actually feel her in my belly. My belly started to harden and I could feel it really well when I laid down flat on my back.

By 20 weeks I could start to feel kicking!!! This was one of the best progressions so far, I no longer had to worry if she was alive every day because she would kick me every few hours! And y’all… she KICKS HARD. My little girl is very very very strong. Her kicks and punches and all her movements are super active! I love it but it can be painful sometimes LOL

My husband/others couldn’t feel the baby’s movements until about 23 weeks. Now you can even see my belly shake when she moves hehe.

One of the worst feelings is the back pain. My joints and pelvic muscles are loosening, my weight is increasing, baby is getting bigger so my back is facing the brunt of a lot of the pain. Once I hit 20 weeks I also was not allowed to be on my stomach or back while sleeping either. Or in general. So ONLY laying on my left & right sides every single night is incredibly painful. I already have a left side pain that I regularly saw a chiropractor for so putting all my weight on this worsened my condition. I also became very paranoid of hurting the baby because some nights even though I fall asleep on my side, my body ends up laying on my back and I wake up feeling so so guilty! My doctor said it’s fine, just roll back over to my side but still…. Mom guilt 🙁

Moving on to the third trimester.. the indigestion & heartburn are kind of back? Mostly because baby is so big, my organs are being squished! I also cannot bend down well at all. My back cracks/is sore all the time. Around 28 weeks my sciatic region started to spasm for days and HOLY CRAP I could not move. I would welp everytime my body moved. I had to move very slowly to lessen the pain.. This was almost as bad as the nausea. My nurse practioner said this is very common once women get to this step of pregnancy and it can go away or progressively get worse until I give birth. Great… It came and went for a few weeks and right now I’ve had a good couple days *crosses fingers*.

It is also hard to breathe and I am tired a lot. A problem I’ve had consistently every trimester is drinking enough water. On days I don’t drink enough I get fainting spells and have to sit down and get fresh air. It happened a few times until my doctor told me to drink more water and I’ve mostly gotten rid of that problem thankfully~

Overall pregnancy is hard and painful but I don’t regret a single moment. I just want my daughter to come out healthy and happy. I have been the luckiest girl in the world to be able to experience this and I will be forever grateful. To feel my baby girl moving inside of me, knowing my body can do something like this is amazing. To know that this baby girl is the perfect combination of my husband and I is priceless. I hope whoever wants to experience this miracle gets the chance to<3

Thank you for reading 🙂

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