Etude House GIGANTIC Haul!

Hi bunnies! I BOUGHT EVERYTHING AT ETUDE HOUSE lol. && My wallet is not empty! I’ll show you how!! Let’s go through what I purchased –

The orange bottles were all flash sale for about a dollar so I bought 8 of the Moistful Collagen Essences and 3 of the Moistful Collagen Facial Toners! I kept one of each for myself and the rest for my friends/relatives. Etude House always does great sales like this during Black Friday so STOCK UP and use them as Christmas gifts. Amazing stocking stuffer!

Isnt it DIVINE?! I took so many pictures to commemorate this great day <3 Worth every penny! (I will have all pictures at the bottom of this blog; I wanted to list all products before all the pictures)

Okay next items purchased were the Vita C line including:

Vita C Talk Peeling Pads

Vita C Talk Serum

Vita C Talk Mild Peeling Gel

Vita C Talk Gel Cream

Vita C Talk Boosting Water

So far I’ve completely used the serum and gel cream! Loved both, no issues with either~ The mild peeling gel I use regularly and that’s been a very gentle product. The peeling pads I’ve only used a handful of times so not much of an opinion there yet 🙂

Next we have the Moistful Collagen Cream, Soonjung Relief Toner, and Fixing Mascara. I still am not sure what a fixing mascara is.. I’m guessing it “fixes” your lashes in place so it doesnt clump?

The Relief Toner I’ve used before and it’s SO gentle and unproblematic I had to buy more!

Soonjung line is also great for pregnant women I’ve heard 🙂

Here we have the Play 101 Contour Stick, Play 101 Pencil, Proof 10 Eye Primer and Double Lasting Foundation.

Here are my thoughts so far –

Contour stick is okay, pretty standard highlight & contour.

Pencil is great, not too loud of a glitter color.

Eye Primer is GOOD! Solid product that is very reliable and holds my shadow in place.

Double lasting foundation is really disappointing.. very drugstore brand quality.

And now we are at the free samples/ products!

I got three face masks for free-

Soothing Moisture – Aloe

Skin Moisturizing – Hyalronic Acid

3 Step Clear Nose Kit

I know these are free because these are 3 masks I really don’t buy. LOL

I also received a pair of socks?! HAHA. So so so random.

They’re called IHM Collaboration Socks so I guess I should say thank you to IHM? I ended giving these socks to my grandma because they’re a little too tight for me.

The next freebie is the Double Lasting Makeup Puff Set. It’s a blue beauty blender in a white plastic case. I thought this is a fantastic free gift, my purple beauty blender is too old and I love that this comes in a case! Perfect for traveling!


These are the Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Cushion Puffs! Absolutely lovely and they are really good quality too! So I got three new puffs/blenders from this one haul~ Loving life!

Last and probably least product is a box full of cotton pads! Square, multilayered cotton pads lol. They’re not a ground breaker but nice freebie to use to remove makeup!

Okay I think I covered everything!! I honestly did not spend that much on this haul either, half of the products were gifts with purchase and all the essences and toners were SO inexpensive.

I hope you guys liked this haul! Look at all the pictures below and lemme know which products you like best!!

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Until next time loves!



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