::Etsy Diaries:: Plans for the next few months!

Hi bunnies! Here’s how my Etsy shop is progressing – turtle pace LOL. It’s okay, that’s what I planned for. I wanted to take this very very slow with my pregnancy and moving into a new house soon. I only have three stickers on my store Hunnyybunnyshop currently and those were more to get my feet wet in this business!

Once baby girl is born and we move into the new house I plan on buying the Circuit machine (any opinions on this or the Silhouette?) and a brand new ink jet printer! That way I can print my own stickers & designs!!

I am aware that printing myself can lead to a world of frustration but I also DESPISE waiting for packages. So outsourcing is just not an option for me. I’d rather print them myself and ship them out~

I want to get new sticker designs ready for sale by the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays!

Also I started the discord channel for etsy shop owners! If you’d like to join let me know!

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Until next time loves!



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