::REVIEW:: It’s Skin – Babyface Lemonade Eyeshadow!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review It’s Skin – Babyface Mini Love Eyeshadow in #17 – Lemonade! I haven’t tried many It’s Skin eyeshadows so let’s see how this one holds up!

This line comes in 20 shades and they all look very glittery! This yellow color definitely has the glitter! It’s Skin is also a very reasonably priced brand so I didn’t pay more than $10 for this shadow. Unfortunately I do not see these on sale anymore on It’s Skin’s website 🙁

Now.. Is it any good?? Mehh. Not really. It’s a pretty color but VERY sheer. You’d need many many layers to get this to show up well on your eyes. Even with a primer or a white base under.

The light pigment I can deal with but the hard part is the fallout.. It gets all over my cheeks when applying. I almost never reach for this shadow as a result 🙁

I probably won’t be interested in trying It’s Skin’s eyeshadows anymore for this reason. A big MEH for me on this one~

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  1. Honestly every single It’s Skin product I’ve ever tried has been such a letdown – skincare, makeup, everything 🙄 not sure how they’re still around. My local shop closed down during covid.

    1. Author

      oh really? my local The Face Shop closed during covid lol. But i agree, Its Skin is pretty low on the scale of roadshop brands

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