::REVIEW::Nature Republic – Super Aqua Max Sleeping Pack

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Sleeping Pack! Deep moisture edition!

You know what’s hilarious? I emptied this product a while ago and I totally forgot this was a sleeping pack. It just feels like a deep moisture cream. The good thing about that is it means this pack isn’t sticky but the negative is that it didn’t moisturize my skin enough to be memorable. In my memory this was just a face lotion LOL

This 100ml retails for about $15! I also have a regular cream from Nature Republic in a blue jar and I liked both~ Click here to read that review!

As you can see it’s a nice sleeping pack, huge jar for the price and I’d recommend it to those with normal skin. It won’t change lives for dry skin people like me!

I do know this product won awards on Korea’s beauty show Get It Beauty! Have any of you guys seen that show? It’s gone down the last few years but it was once my beauty bible~

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