MiniReview – The Saem – Eco Soul BB Cream (Worsens my pores..)

Hi bunnies! Today’s mini review is for The Saem – Eco Soul Porcelain Skin BB Cream! This sample DID NOT yield good first impressions.. let’s see why!

  • Packaging? Decent, no complaints.
  • Consistency/Texture? Way too thick!!
  • Color? Too beige for 01 shade it looks like..No gray cast though
  • How is the application? Awful application
  • Scent? No scent I can detect
  • Coverage? not enough coverage in one sample.. although I’m not sure more product would’ve solved these problems.
  • Finish? (natural, satin, matte, dewy) Very old fashioned bb cream natural finish.
  • How do my pores look? you can see all my pores. Awful bad bad… it makes me skin looks worse..
  • Does it dry fast? Smudge? Dries normally. No smudge.
  • Is it long lasting? Average from what I can tell.
  • Would I repurchase? NOPE. Would not spend my own money on this.

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