Eye cream battle! Scinic Vs. 3W Clinic!

Hi bunnies! Today we are comparing two eye creams I had at the same time that could really be dupes of each other! The first on my left is the Scinic – Snail Matrix Eye Cream and the picture below is the 3W Clinic – Black Pearl Eye Cream!

Let’s see which was better!

Scinic Stats:

$11~ for 30ml of product.

Claims: “Infused with 23% snail filtrate, this eye cream helps to improve eye bags, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles from the delicate eye area without irritations.”

3W Clinic Stats:

$9~ for 40ml

Claims: “It is a wrinkle / whitening functional eye cream that contains pearls and naturally derived vegetable ingredients to provide a healthy elasticity and bright skin on sensitive eyes.”

So just based on the price and weight, you definitely get more product for the 3W Clinic eye cream. One point for them!

Packaging-wise I’ll give Scinic the point since I like light and bright colors.

Now the biggest tiebreaker – how is the product?

I used both these creams at the same time and I honestly liked the Scinic eye cream better.

It was less greasy than 3W Clinic so applying it at nighttime was not a drag. It was smooth and felt like a watery gel. The 3W cream was more of a sticky texture which is hilarious because this wasn’t the snail cream! You would think the snail cream would be more stickyyy..LOL

And there you have it! Scinic wins in my book even though you’re paying slightly more for less product.

Overall they did feel very similar. Easy to apply, no strong scents, no allergic reactions or long-lasting effects.

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Until next time loves!



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