::REVIEW:: Banila Co – Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm!

Hi bunnies! This is probably the most over-hyped cleansing product in Kbeauty. The Banila Co – Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm! I have very strong opinions about this so let’s get into the review.

This is called the 3-1 in balm and is the revitalizing version. The original is pink, yellow is nourishing, green is clarifying and purple is purifying. I’ve tried the pink one in a sample size I think.. not very memorable. Very similar to the full size I have here.

This balm is $24 for 3.3 oz.

You wanna know how extra this balm is?!

It has a SECURITY STICKER ON IT with directions that tell you to verify its authenticity online!! That is how much it’s been falsely copied and sold.. Totally crazyy~

Claims for this balm: “Banila Co Clean it Zero 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm + Revitalizing is a hypoallergenic cleanser that transforms from a sherbet-like balm texture into a smooth oil when applied to skin. Revitalizing formula has the strongest free radical fighting ingredients for refreshed, clean skin.

So how was my experience?

Very very very underwhelming. By the way Banila Co puts this balm on a pedestal, it was so shitty!

I know that it’s a balm, but it is just so greasy!!! I would take a little dime/quarter sized amount, rub all over my face, and it would get a decent amount of my makeup off but NOT ALL.

Never ever ever did it get my mascara, eyeliner or all my foundation off.

I always had to use a secondary cleansing foam or cleansing water. I also had to do extra steps just to get the grease off my face. I hate that feeling personally..

To me this balm was really pointless because it didn’t get all my makeup off, it made me feel gross and it is stupid expensive.. UGH. 0/5 jars of hunnyy.

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  1. Oh wow!! I’m surprised at the emotional outpouring 😅 I’ve tried the pink one but wasn’t too fond of it because of the overpowering floral-sweet perfume.
    The green one on the other hand is not fragranced and it’s been my ride or die for at least a year now. It refines my pores nicely.

    Both of these removed makeup and sunscreen well for me, emulsified elegantly when massaged with wet hands and removed trace eye makeup (I use a separate eye makeup remover as I prefer waterproof liner and mascara, which is something all balms / oils struggle with).

    What’s your first step cleanser / oil / balm of choice?

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