::REVIEW:: Elizavecca – Collagen Jella Pack!

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the jiggliest cream I’ve ever tried! This is the Elizavecca Green Piggy – Collagen Jella Pack! Jella.. not jelly? Interesting..lol

You can purchase this on amazon for about $11 for a 3.53 oz jar! I bought this in Korea (from what I can remember). Let’s get into the review!

So the texture on this thing is insane. It’s basically a cream/moisturizer. You definitely want to use the spatula with this or else you’ll have to dig it all out underneath your fingertips after use lol.

It REALLY jiggles around like jello! The type that once you let it settle, it’ll become one smooth pile? Every night I scooped some product out of the jar and left a hole, the next night it’ll look like I never scooped any out! The funniest skincare magic trick 🙂

As for how it felt on my skin? Felt like jello for a few seconds but it blended out just fine~

Would I buy it again? Probably not. The texture of it was fun but it wasn’t moisturizing enough to be my last step in skincare but it did feel odd applying a heavier cream on top of this. I did like the collagen aspect of this product!

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