Comparison of 3 Different Korean Double-Eyelid Tapes!

Hi bunnies! Today’s post is about eyelid tapes!

These are a must-have for Asian girls like me who want their eyes to look even! I was born with one monolid and one double eyelid! For me, eyelid tape was necessary to look symmetrical although I do know people use this type to just enlarge their lid size/shape. Let’s hurry into the comparison!!

First is the Too Cool for School – Double Sided Double Eyelid Tape. This comes with 44 pieces and sells for about $4 and is a clear transparent color.

I personally didn’t like these because double sided means you have to take the white backing off both sides which leads to your finger oils being spread all over the tape resulting in less adhesion to your lids. So they fall off your lids while wearing them. Using the applicator is stupid, I never got used to it and it was pointless to me.

Another problem with double sided tape means any eyeshadow you wear will lessen the adhesion as well. It’s just a disaster if you plan on wearing makeup on top of this tape. 1/5 jars of hunnyy rating!

Next up is the Beauty Artisan – Double Eyelid Tape. This one is also $4 but this comes with wayyyy more than 44 pieces. It’s an entire roll! This took me probably two years to use up!

These tapes are not double sided adhesion and the color is nude. It even has this grided x pattern on the lids that actually is not that visible when worn!

These tapes did last me all day when wearing, sometimes even survived a shower! Because it was a nude color it wasn’t that noticeable.

Eyeshadow applied onto this well IF you used an eyeshadow primer on top. But that is the case for 99% of eyelid tapes.

I would rate these at 4/5 jars of hunnyy. The only thing I would love to add to the product is a little stronger adhesion. If you rubbed your eyes it might fall off; you’d need to check yourself in the mirror lol

Last eyelid tape to review is Daiso – Nude Eyelid Tape! This is 22 pieces for ONE DOLLAR. I love how inexpensive eyelid tapes are 🙂

As described it is a nude color, and one sided adhesion.
Daiso tapes have more of a flat bottom shape, similar to the Too Cool for School tape! I think the flat bottoms give you a bigger eye shaped look so a bit more artificial looking; not that noticable though!

These tapes were very nice, had more adhesion than the Beauty Artisan tapes but sooo much less pieces so not as memorable? I’d rate these same 4/5 jars of hunnyy!

So the second and third products are my favorite picks out of the three!

It comes down to personal preference but definitely I lean towards one-side adhesion and a nude color!

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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